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Who Uses TV Template?


Contractors use our TV Template for helping their clients get a professional visual of various size TVs. Our TV Template makes TV sizing a more efficient process and leads to happy clients.

Real Estate Professionals

Using our TV Template real estate brokers and agents stage their homes to create the wow factor and show a more complete home. This leads to a much higher closing rate.

Retailers & AV Integrators

AV integrators and retailers sell our TV Template to customers who then return to purchase the perfect size TV. This leads to happy customers who are less likely to return TVs for a different size.

Our Products

Buy one or buy in bulk. Our templates help you choose your TV size before you make the investment.

About TV Templates

We created TV Template to help solve the common problem of TV sizing. Our goal is to improve efficiency, maximize TV sales, and reduce TV returns. We are open to the worldwide market and always looking to develop new relationships.


It's no longer left to the imagination. With TV Templates, customers experience that wow factor.
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Fewer Returns

Buying the right TV the first time eliminates the hassle of returns.
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Happy Customers

Customers are always happier when they can see before they buy.
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Our Partners Agree

“I am a huge fan of this product. TV sizing was always a problem for me and for my clients, but now with TV template it is the last thing I’m worried about.”

D. Claypool, Interior Designer - Palo Alto, CA

“TV Template totally takes the guesswork out of TV sizing. Building a home is complicated enough, so when something comes along like TV Template, that simplifies my job I’ll try it out. It’s been 6 months now and I’m never turning back.”

S. Gilbert, General Contractor - Pheonix, AZ

“I can’t believe this wasn’t invented already! Since staging my open houses with TV Templates in each room, it has improved the customer experience. Future homeowners can visualize the entertainment potential of the home. They are a great finishing touch and are an essential closing tool for me!”

S. Chaffey, Realtor - San Diego, CA